Chasing Ghosts In Ireland

The tractor came flying down the narrow Irish roadway, barreling down on my tiny rental car. I would be crushed if not for a slight tilt of the wheel. The tires turn and I […]

Budget Breakdown – Ireland October 2013

Back in October I was in Ireland, experiencing Gaelic culture, learning about the island’s rich history, and road tripping through the beautiful western countryside. The 18 days that I spent in the country made […]

The Extraordinary Irish West Coast Road Trip

“Ooo wooo woooooo wooo woooo…..Barbra Streisand!” blasts over the terrible Gallway radio station as our little Skoda Fabia car goes flying over the next bump in the road.  It was 10am and I was […]

Experiencing the Gaelic Games in Dublin

The hot sun beat down on us.  I stank like sweat with hair gel dripping, stinging my eyes.  Why didn’t I know that would happen?  And who would have thought I would regret forgetting […]