Scott from Big World, Small BudgetHi, my name is Scott. I’m a travel junkie and this is my website.

The story of how I got here is a bit of a long one. I never really did much travel when I was young. I never went overseas, never saw the ocean, never really went anywhere with any sort of strange or exotic culture. In 2010, after graduating university, I decided to go on my first real international vacation – a truly typical Canadian graduation tradition. Instead of railing across Europe like so many others, I spent seven weeks backpacking through New Zealand. I could write pages and pages about my travels there (and I probably will) but the long and short of it is that I came back home with a new passion for adventure travel. It’s been a few years, and now I’m based out of Ottawa, Canada, working as an engineer and devoting every priceless vacation day to seeing the world, and my evenings and weekends to seeing what makes my own country such a wonderful place.

Big World, Small Budget is a collection of all things travel. As a (not-so) young backpacker without a whole lot of money, my experiences tend to lie in the budget travel world, and my writing and travel tips reflect that. Unlike other travel blogs, I dive deep into the finances – accounting for every penny spent to ensure that, by following my advice, you get the most travel bang for your buck. I’ve focused this website on budget travel, but it’s also where I share stories and advice about my greatest passion.

I’m always reading, researching, and experiencing all things travel, so my knowledge on the subject is constantly growing. I’ll share all of my thoughts here in my blog, and hopefully receive some comments and feedback from you, my fellow (or future) backpackers.

I can be reached in a number of ways – via various social media sites listed below and in the header and footer of this site, by commenting on any blog post, or by emailing me using the form found here. Contact me with any questions or advice that you may have on travel, no matter how big or small, and I will get back to you. I look forward to having a conversation with you.

See you on the road.