Fireworks by the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa on Canada Day

Canada Day is the national day of Canada and takes place on July 1st, only 3 days before the Independence Day of our neighbors to the south.  Canada Day celebrates the signing of the British North America Act, uniting three colonies into the Dominion of Canada.  Celebrations take place all across the country, but none are more epic than those in our nation’s capital of Ottawa.  Falling right in the middle of Ottawa’s festival season, live music and boisterous Canucks in red and white costumes and face paint create an incredible atmosphere that packs Parliament Hill and the Byward Market.

I decided to step away from the crowd for a while to get this shot.  It was such a relief to have a break from the hot claustrophobic downtown and get out into the cool, quiet night air. These are some of this year’s celebratory fireworks. The Canadian Parliament Buildings are off to the right, where most people would have been watching from.  The shot was taken with my Canon T2i and 40mm STM pancake lens. The aperture was f/6.3 with a shutter speed of 7.0 seconds and an ISO of 200.  I used a tripod and wireless shutter release to keep the shot steady for the long exposure.