I’m a big fan of engines which aggregate flight results across many different travel websites. I’ve mentioned Kayak and Hipmunk before, both of which search multiple airline sites to find you the best deals, but never have I come across a multimode search engine until I recently found out about GoEuro.

The German-based travel startup, which received $4 million in funding from Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner back in March, has created a search engine with a simple yet genius functionality – search across multiple forms of transit. As it exists right now, you can see and compare flights, trains, buses, and car rentals available between any given destination for any given date range. Want to make your way from London to Glasgow, but not sure on the best way to get there? Put in your itinerary and GoEuro will allow you to compare prices and travel times of the different modes of transport. You can narrow your departure time, number of stops, or price, and it even lets you select a rail pass to factor into its decision-making. I like how simple and compact the whole package is. This could potentially save hours and hours of planning for those multi-week university graduation Euro trips. GoEuro has had a great start to what promises to be an extremely useful tool.

The web interface for GoEuro

GoEuro allows you to search trains, planes, buses and automobiles between two destinations

I’ve had a chance to play around with GoEuro for a while now, but lucky for you it’s just moved from private to open beta. Right now only the UK and Germany are supported for searching, but more countries are to come soon. I’m not sure when “soon” is exactly, but if I have my way they’ll have full support for Ireland by the time I end up there in October (wink wink any GoEuro reps reading this?)